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Hello Everyone! Thank you for being here with us today as we celebrate the launch of our new website.™ We hope this will be a much easier to browse resource as we continue to keep you up to date with our latest developments and updates with CadOMap™. Vancouver Website Design by

SolidWorks® & Engineering Consulting

1. Establish efficient modelling procedures to take maximum advantage of SolidWorks® – design faster and more completely – a furniture design company was new to SolidWorks® – we developed and taught the best parametric modelling methods for them to use when developing new products, based on how their company works. We also do this for established companies who need an in-depth…read more →™ – Almost Done

We have launched our beta version of the final site. Please forgive any hiccups or missing information, if you have concerns please email

Ubique SolidWorks® Mentoring Program – Testimonial

After having graduated from the 4 year Industrial Design program at Emily Carr Institute I began an 8 month, labour intensive, job search. I felt as if I did not have a deep enough expertise in any one area that could help me obtain a job. Many jobs mentioned that I would need experience before I could be hired yet…read more →