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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  • Do I need to have a copy of SolidWorks® or Inventor to be able to employ CadOMap™?

    No, it’s independent-merely browse to where the assembly file is.
    The SolidWorks® Viewer is necessary, & it’s free.

  • Do I need to own MindJet® MindManager to be able to employ CadOMap™?

    Yes… to generate, manipulate and filter maps of your assemblies.  MindManager 9 has a Gantt chart view.

  • I am a project manager, how do I know if this software will help my particular situation?

    You can have your questions answered and the software demonstrated live - Contact Us

  • Can I use this to manage a project?

    The data in the generated maps simplifies and eases the flow of data between CAD and your existing process.

  • We’re controlling files using PDMWorks – can CadOMap™ configure a map from our vault?

    You would configure the map of a checked-out assembly from your scratch directory.

  • We’re controlling files using Enterprise PDM – how about configuring maps directly from this vault?

    Yes, using EPDM you can browse directly to an assembly within the vault – no checkout required.

  • Do I need a SolidWorks license to be able to update the custom properties after a brainstorming session?

    No – with SolidWorks® Explorer, you can access and update all of the changed properties.

  • Does CadOMap™ count multiples of parts?

    Yes it does – it even keeps count of and names configurations of the same part.

  • What software is CadOMap™ compatible with?

    Windows 7/10 and MindManager V14 to 2017. SolidWorks 2014 to 2017. Maps export to MS Project.

  • I’m so busy – how much of my time will be needed to learn to use CadOMap™ & MindManager efficiently?

    CadOMap™ can generate a map right way with little setup. MindManager is very easy and intuitive.

  • I can’t visualize yet how this will help us……..

    Please go to the section How can CadOMap™ help you?, and you’ll find several cases where CadOMap™ will be helpful depending of your particular situation.

  • How can I tell what topics have been changed during a brainstorming meeting?

    Use the i.e. the Alarm Bell icon to identify changed topics. Each designer can filter for their name and the Alarm Bell icon and see exactly what they need to do (or change)

  • How can the Gantt Chart view be taken advantage of in real usage?

    1. Efficiently keep tabs on progress. Get your designers to maintain Task Information in their models and drawings for real-time progress updates.
    2. Organize the launch of the project, starting with a map generated from a similar assembly. Do all your planning and organization, then if you choose update the SolidWorks custom properties.

    Get your assembly into MS Project

    1. Generate a MindJet® mind map using CadOMap™ (with or without task information)
    2. Export the mind map to MS Project Format
    3. Open the MS Project file, edit the file and separately control project progress
  • Can I automatically push my changed MindJet® MindMap information back to the SolidWorks® files?

    1. Suffice to say that we have thoroughly tested this possibility and it works. It’s quite simple programmatically, however a bit more more complex to fit into the SolidWorks® workflow. We are working diligently behind the scenes to add this capability. Until that time we maintain that even doing this manually your data management overhead will be more efficient.
  • OK It’s really cool, but is this going to be yet another system to enter data into?

    No, just the opposite – it allows you to move some of the data (being duplicated elsewhere) centrally into SolidWorks® for one-time entry and management.