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CadOMap™ for SOLIDWORKS® and MindJet®

Mind-mapping a project manually takes hours -
CadOMap reduces the process to less than one minute.

CadOMap allows the transformation of a SOLIDWORKS® assembly into a MindJet®. All the stakeholders in the company can now easily work with the CAD data that would otherwise be buried in the engineering models. Maps can be produced by anyone by using the standalone CadOMap to simply browse to the assembly model and convert it to a map. CadOMap features the following:


Project managers keep track of SOLIDWORKS® task information using the Gantt chart view; they communicate progress to management using a variety of view formats
Senior engineers can view the assembly structure and properly reconfigure it
Purchasing can keep updated without waiting for drawing BOMs
Technical illustrators can keep updated with the assembly sequence
Manufacturing uses the printed map as a visual assembly tracker
The maps can be generated for engineering meetings and used to keep notes
The maps can serve as an As-Built record with notes, documents, pictures and models


CadOMap will configure SOLIDWORKS® properties to MindJet® map parts
Task information (designer, start/end date, priority, % progress)
Color styles (assembly/part, suppressed, broken link, virtual part)
Attach eDrawings to the map which open within the MindJet® Browser
Link to the original SOLIDWORKS® models for quick opening to update changed data

Open your assemblies as a MindJet mind map
Easily view all of the commonly needed information needed for brainstorming, planning and communication including drawings

markup example
Markup attached eDrawings
Add Markup Comments to the attached eDrawing on each topic. The changes remain with the mind map for future reference

SOLIDWORKS® custom properties appear in the mind map
Easily view all project-related data such as Task Information, Custom Properties, eDrawings and thumbnails. Easily find broken-link, suppressed and virtual component filtered topics
filtered topics

Filter large assemblies
Obtain custom views according to your needs – see for example all files the designer ‘DRB’ is assigned that are less than 50% complete

Rearrange the assembly visually with drag & drop
-Rapidly communicate the desired subassembly hierarchy
-Update the task information
-Add topics to represent missing parts
-Take notes, add hyperlinks and attachments

gantt Chart
Plan your projects using the Gantt Chart
view Assign all task information such as

-Percentage complete,
-Start/end dates.

Easily export to MS Project


CadOMap allows an entire SOLIDWORKS® assembly to be opened as a MindJet® map. It imports thumbnails, custom properties, eDrawings and attachments. It’s meant to allow anyone to quickly gain insight into (and brainstorm) the project without needing to open SOLIDWORKS®.

Once the mind map is generated, you can interrogate the entire project by filtering and changing the views. You can even use the Gantt Chart view to plan and track your progress.

CadOMap™ Implementation

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