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Marc Smith, CD – Founder

Marc Smith consults to the mechanical engineering industry, helping SolidWorks – using companies.

The idea was born while he was providing CAD services at a medical devices company.  Their alarmingly large assembly was filled with unfamiliar descriptions and part numbers.  The assembly hierarchy was unknown and changing constantly.  Finding needed information by constantly browsing the CAD software was far too time-consuming,  resulting in frighteningly low productivity.
Though it was tedious, manually mind-mapping the parts he was responsible for was the solution – he could  then easily keep track of his place in the project and answer questions from the project manager and other designers.


  • Designers were asking for printouts to annotate during brainstorming sessions,
  • The project manager was updating upper management by showing the mind-mapped project on a digital projector,
  • Manufacturing was using it as a visual guide to build to, and
  • Most others in the company had a copy pinned to the walls of their workstations.

Mind-mapping a project manually takes hours – CadoMap makes the process easy and fast