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SolidWorks® & Engineering Consulting

1. Establish efficient modelling procedures to take maximum advantage of SolidWorks® – design faster and more completely

– a furniture design company was new to SolidWorks® – we developed and taught the best parametric modelling methods for them to use when developing new products, based on how their company works. We also do this for established companies who need an in-depth review, improvement and standardization of their existing methods.

2. The models, assemblies and drawings can be used for many other needs – integrate SolidWorks® company-wide

– a gas-detection company that designs their own products had us make renderings for use in brochures

– a company’s assemblies were set up specifically to be able to be reused in generating product manuals

– a telecommunications design company used the model we provided to make animations of the deployment of the portable sattelite dish

3. Establish and improve the company-wide flow of Bill of Material data – make the data useable to all

– a play-structure company now uses SolidWorks® for design instead of Autocad – the data in SolidWorks® has been set up to allow a seamless integration with their existing purchasing methods

– once the SolidWorks® templates are set up and used correctly, the data can be efficiently exported directly to existing but separate inventory and accounting systems and reduce manual entry

4. Handling and processing the Bill of Material after the design is finished – automate the data preparation

– a forestry machine-design company uses our specialized software to automate the data that is needed after the design is finished. Their BoM data is imported seamlessly into RamBoM directly from SolidWorks®. For instance, one example is that the program selects stock lengths, displays and prints cutting lists of structural steel components instantaneously. The company doesn’t need to do any of this consuming, manual task anymore.

If you can see the potential payback by investing in having us improve design and data flow, then I can visit with you for a discussion of your needs and ideas.