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Ubique SolidWorks® Mentoring Program – Testimonial

After having graduated from the 4 year Industrial Design program at Emily Carr Institute I began an 8 month, labour intensive, job search. I felt as if I did not have a deep enough expertise in any one area that could help me obtain a job. Many jobs mentioned that I would need experience before I could be hired yet there were no employers willing to give me the chance or opportunity to further my learning. My frustration drove me to ponder changing careers, going back to school, or offering to work for free in order to gain experience. The Solidworks Mentoring Program offered me the chance to obtain an education that could function like work experience.

Marc is extremely knowledgeable, not just about SolidWorks® and Mechanical Design but everything related to it. Every minute spent with Marc is filled with learning and challenge. His enthusiasm and confidence in my abilities was a breath of fresh air after months of disappointing job search.

I learned so much more about what SolidWorks® is capable of and where it can be applied. The Mentor Program helped improve my speed, efficiency, and ability to deal with error messages. Marc was able to tailor the SolidWorks® Mentor Program towards my career goals. Only half way through the Mentoring Program I received the opportunity to work with Marc on a contract job. Before I had completed the SolidWorks®s Mentor Program, or the contract job, I was finally hired at my first job in my field. Marc has continued to communicate and support me through my employment.

Melissa Mailhiot, Industrial Designer